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Long before I worked in the travel industry, I amassed nearly 1 million sky miles conducting business internationally. I was one of the many unsung heroes of a cadre of people in the 1980’s and 1990’s celebrated as travel warriors. Though some the ups and downs, missed connections, and general frustrations associated with being away from home and loved ones can be tiresome, I nonetheless was smitten by the travel bug.When it was my turn to leave the marketing and management of business to the next generation, my wife and owner of Nice and Easy Travel enlisted me in the important work of overseeing accounting, finance, management, insurance, government licensing, and consortium and vendor relations. How could I refuse? I was able to continue traveling -though not alone and not on deadline to some of the most awe inspiring places on earth.I have the added bonus of time to photo amazing sites such as the old city of Jerusalem and the modern country of Israel, the Great Wall of China just outside of modern Beijing, and the placid Li River in the heart of artistic southern China, the ancient temples of Thailand and the the bustle of Singapore,

The South Pacific island counties of New Zealand and Australia, the remote and iconic Petra in Jordon, or the pyramids in Egypt on the Giza Plateau and the Valleys of the Kings and Queens, stepping into King Tutenkamen’s actual burial chamber a couple of hundred feet beneath the earth, experiencing the inaugural cruise from an American port to Havana Cuba, circumnavigating Cape Horn at the very tip of South America on a perfect day of weather seas, a day before walking with Penguins in the Falkland Islands, photographing hundreds of puffins in the Shetland Islands, the Faroe Islands and Iceland, exploring Alaska on both land and sea, hiking the Inca royal city of Machu Picchu and the mountain of Machu Picchu itself, sailing on Lake Titicaca at 12,500 feet high in the Andes Mountains between Peru and Bolivia and dining in a remote mountain village in the middle of the lake. Titicaca.

Neuman Pollack